Was Santa a Marketing Innovator?

One could argue that when the Macy’s Santa in Miracle on 34th Street pointed Macy’s customers toward other department stores when Macy’s didn’t have the gifts they were seeking, the inbound or content marketing movement was born.

Inbound marketing or content marketing is a strategy that employs helpful online content to both get found by prospective customers and convert those website visitors into leads (and eventually customers). By helping customers, Santa significantly differentiated the Macy’s brand and increased customer satisfaction.

It was revolutionary in the age of Mad Men, but it shouldn’t be now. Providing insightful, original, and useful content to your market is how companies build brands in an era when customers control how they find information and when they are ready to engage your organization.

How Can You Market Like Santa?

This holiday season, keep in mind that your customer are going to need help during this next year. Identified the information that would be most useful to them – be it how to solve a problem or where to fine a red fire truck toy. Then, map out how you are going to create, optimize, and share this content to help your market.